We’re Only Here for the Beer

Grab a pint & a bite with friends. Hang with family (yours & ours). We can’t wait to welcome you in & show you a good time!

Chattanooga Tennesee River - Future home of Lazy Hound Brewing Co.

New Chattanooga Brewpub

Lazy Hound Brewing Co. is Coming to Chattanooga

We’re in the early planning stages, mulling over locations and equipment, testing recipes, drinking lots of independently brewed craft beer (or as we like to call it, “market research“). Join our list to keep up with our progress and be the first to hear what we have in store.

Craft Beer · Hand-Crafted Eats

We’re new at this…but not really

Well-traveled craft beer aficionados. Home brewers. Restaurant & bar business pros. We’ve got experience alright. But let’s be honest: It’ll be the first time we’re putting it all together. In public. This should be fun!

On-Premise Brewhouse

Our general business plan involves brewing good beer, in a variety of styles. Predominantly solid, mainstream stuff. Will there be interesting, limited-edition experiments from time to time? Hell yeah – we’ve got to keep our brewer on his toes!

Simple, Delicious Food

What’s better than a fresh beer served at just the right temperature by your favorite beertender? Nothing! But, you’ve got to eat. So we’re working on a tasty menu that’ll keep your belly happy and your beer from getting too lonely.

Good Vibes

We’ve been all over the US, drinking beer in some seriously kick-ass taprooms and brewpubs (market research, y’all!). The ones we most want to be like are fun spaces where everybody and their dads, dogs, moms & kids feel welcome.

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